Tips to avoid moving scams [Infographic]

Moving to a new home, as many would say, is traumatic. To keep low-level anxiety and worries, people hire moving companies to get their belongings transported safely to their new location. However, sometimes due to shortage of time and lack of proper research, they get cheated by un-honest movers who are just waiting to scam their next customer. The infographic will help you avoid moving scams and identify signs of a fraudulent moving company.

In order to avoid moving scams, it is critical that you know how to spot scammers. You can enhance your chances of good moving experience if only you do your research properly. Investigate about the moving company, ask about its claim process, and request the mover for an in-home estimate. Make it sure that the company has a local address and licensing information. It should answer your phone with the actual company name, and not just refer itself as “Moving Company.” See the below infographic to know how you can check the authenticity of a moving company.Tips-to-avoid-moving-scams-Key-Moving